Pick Up These Nuggets Of Gold!

  • The unusual website of Pastor John Piper's sermons and ministry is well worth taking an “axe and a pick” to! His exciting and convicting messages from Minneapolis are now touching thousands of pastors and leaders through his bestseller books and sermons. Surprise — it's free! Look up 20 years of sermons by topic or Scripture passage. Website address: http://www.desiringgod.org
  • Not just for kids! these graphics on creation, Moses, and the Israelites being freed from Egypt are unusual. The “ONE” story is marvelous and worth linking to any website. Web address: http://www.Kids4truth.com
  • Rick Warren's “Ministry Toolbox.” Get this delightful, heart-to-heart inspiration from an unusual pastor of one of the largest churches in the world. They grew to 15,000 without owning a building. Rick is wise, honest, and worth reading every week. Not for the 'comfortable.' http://www.pastors.com

And for those who prefer to read their nuggets in black-and-white (in a book, that is) rather than from a monitor, try these:

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  • SIDE BY SIDE, Steve and Lois Rabey, General Editors (NavPress). An amazing collection of quotes, Scripture, and major articles by over 100 life-changers and disciplers like Stuart Briscoe, John R.W. Stott, C.S. Lewis, Daws Trotman, and Oswald Chambers. Their best statements on how to impact others eternally through prayer, discipling, mentoring, and loving. “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” C.H. Spurgeon. There are “rhema” on every page, and the editing is superior.
  • MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, Richard A. Swenson, MD (NavPress). A staggering book about the wonders of the universe and God's creative work in every cell of our bodies. Written in layman's language, this futurist and Professor of Medicine introduces us to both physics and Scripture in a reverent painting of God's splendor and handiwork. Each of us is a miracle of complexity, yet we are His loved children, through whom He is doing His work today. A series of praise sermons jumped into my thoughts from this mind-tingling glimpse of God's power and design.
  • LIVING GOD'S WORD, Waylon B. Moore (LifeWay Publishers). The best new leadership starter I know for mentoring a group of men or ladies. Do you know a few Christians floating along who yearn for God to “give them a clue” about His best for their lives? Grab them! You'll see Scripture jump out of the Bible into people's daily routine, work and families. About 15 minutes of daily study, in a 6-week package. Nearly 8,000 groups in North America have grown stronger through this study!