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The Multiplier

The Multiplier deals with how to establish long-range leadership training in order to produce carefully discipled multipliers, who are capable of building still more "laborers for the harvest." Dr. Waylon B. Moore believes the key to church growth and church planting is rooted in training disciples who can reproduce themselves. 

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First Steps: Simple Basics for Growing Strong

Before an Olympian leaps over hurdles, or a couple in love takes a stroll along the beach; long before the ballerina dances, or the mountain climber reaches the peak - each person is born as a baby; they learn to crawl, toddle, and then walk.

The Bible compares spiritual birth and maturity to physical birth and development. Your spiritual journey begins with a monumental first step: receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The Bible calls this being "born again" (John 3:3). After this birth, the Christian life is like a series of steps, learning to "walk" with Jesus day by day. 

Using First Steps as a guide, God will teach you about himself. You will discover how-tos for the Christian life, and read for yourself what Jesus Christ teaches.

The Power of a Mentor

The power of mentoring others.

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New Testament Follow-Up

Practical principles on training new believers to become mature followers of Christ, how to integrate them into the evangelistic fabric of your local church