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We have two world authorities on Mentoring:

Dr. Waylon B. Moore, author of New Testament Follow-Up, Multiplying Disciples, Building Disciples Toolbook, The Power of a Mentor, and Living God's Word (Lifeway). Previously, Dr. Moore mentored men into leadership as pastor of Tampa's largest Baptist church. During his 13-year pastorate they majored on and averaged over 100 baptisms yearly. He taught on Assimilation twice a year for eleven years at IMB New Missionary Orientation. He has taught missionaries and national pastors in 100 nations. Dr. Moore is teaching Mentoring in DMin. Seminars at Midwestern Bapt. Theol. Seminary in KC. Last year he spoke on mentoring to missionaries and pastors in five nations. He is an exciting, motivational speaker.

Dr. Bill Steeger has in his background 10 years with the International Mission Board in Africa. He was Dean of the Bible Department at Ouachita Baptist University. Bill is the Senior pastor, Beech Street FBC, Texarkana, AR. He has mentored individually over 100 men. You'll delight in Bill's practical teaching. He is a Bible Study giant, who digs into both original Bible languages. Bill will take you deeper into personal Bible study. His unique method of using cassette tapes to keep in touch with nearly 100 key men living elsewhere, is worth the whole workshop.

Read What Others are Saying About Our Workshop

Missionary: Your seminars are always just exactly what I need personally and for my ministry. I actually can't think of any more helpful seminar for a missionary. Mentoring is where it's at for the missionary . . . and for every disciple. Love you so much and respect you all the way to the moon. – Victor Morrison, Strategy Coordinator, Japan

Missionary: Every missionary should have this workshop, whatever their ministry. It is so practical.

Pastor: The Workshop changed my whole ministry slant and focus. I'm meeting with men in a small group and seeing growth and change that I never saw before in my entire ministry. This works! – Lake Dallas, TX

Pastoral Staff: This Workshop really charged me up. I began meeting with four guys. The Lord has radically touched their lives and is calling some into ministry! We just had Waylon over to speak, exposing key leaders to the Mentoring vision. We've launched a new church-wide men's program! – FBC, Orlando, FL

Pastor: I've been looking for a handle to get men into the Word. I've preached my heart out, but it didn't happen. When I began to mentor, God brought potential guys out of the woodwork who are maturing in the Bible daily, beginning to reproduce. My whole ministry vision has changed. Do what Jesus modeled. It still works! – Tennessee

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