The Invasion That Changed History

It happened in the First Century when Jesus actually came to live in all who trusted Him as Saviour. It is still happening today!

Have you been invaded? You can answer, “Yes,” if you have RECEIVED Jesus as your own Lord and Saviour. He is literally living in you! (see 2 Corinthians 13:5; and Colossians 3:4). Christianity involves not so much where you go but who you know, the living Christ, and how well you know Him.

Many Christians live all their lives without the conscious personal reality of Christ's actual presence. Philippians was written about 30 years after Jesus' return to Heaven. When Christianity was fresh and young they “turned the world upside down” because they lived with Another's life inside. We can change our world if we are willing for the same Person to live out His life in us, today.

Open your New Testament to Philippians. Prayerfully look up the verse, read the question, and write out YOUR answer from the Scripture in your OWN words. Take time to meditate on the verse before writing. Christ is four things to you now.