31 Stupendous Ways to Show Love to Your Pastor

  1. PRAY for pastor and family by name, daily. 
  2. Give him a book, video, tape, or CD. 
  3. Remember his birthday with "folding money"! (Pastor: Write a thank-you note; don't just say “Thanks”). 
  4. Offer to keep their kids overnight. 
  5. Ask pastor to share his dreams or vision for the church with you. Promise to pray. 
  6. Don't ask pastor's wife to prepare food for Sunday School fellowships. She attends multiple socials. 
  7. If the time comes when you can't give at least a cost of living raise, grant him a week's extra vacation. 
  8. Take sermon notes. Don't say, “I enjoyed the sermon.” Be SPECIFIC! 
  9. Buy him a suit. Add a tie and shirt of his choice. 
  10. Offer your condo or motor home for a couple days. 
  11. Take offering or budget a trip to Holy Land for pastor's 5th Anniversary. 
  12. Don't call him at supper-time or on his day off. 
  13. Send his family and kids balloons, plants, flowers. 
  14. Improve the working environment in his office! 
  15. Help him get free so he can take a full day off weekly! 
  16. Phone or email pastor with a word of thanks. 
  17. Give him a dining-out gift certificate, with note. 
  18. Celebrate his wedding anniversary. 
  19. Do baby-sitting for pastor's family; or hire someone. 
  20. Bring in a professional house cleaner, or have their cars detailed — just because! 
  21. Have 7-8 minutes of testimonies for pastor's anniversary in morning service. 
  22. Form a Pastor's Prayer Partners on Sunday a.m. 
  23. A group take pastor/wife for an “appreciation” dinner — anytime! 
  24. At Christmas, team with others to give a significant gift. My watch is from a generous deacon group. 
  25. Include in church budget an item for pastor's new books and tapes. Help his outside stimulation grow. 
  26. Give his wife fast-food, or restaurant coupons. 
  27. Bring over a food gift, or a whole meal. 
  28. Ask pastor for privilege of doing some ministry, chore, or need he can suggest. 
  29. Pay for pastor's wife to attend a convention or Bible conference with husband. 
  30. Take pastor's wife with friends for lunch. 
  31. Make sure his salary and benefit package is toward the top of that for churches your size! Your church will pay the next pastor a lot more, just for being new!