Suggestion List For
How to Study a Word in the Bible
(Taken from Dr. Moore's Christian Mentoring Notebook: “Building Disciples” – out of print)

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

Ask now forgive * heart
Call (ed, ing) deceive sanctify * faith
follow humility, meek teach * love
Seek ready pure * pray (er)
All go treasure * cross
consider glory work * hope
come fruit will * repent
glad baptism pride * longer
laborers deacon profit * joy
faithful mercy deceive * peace
must minister know
others, another new serve (ant)
rest hear power

Suggestions marked with an asterisk * are longer, more difficult.

Some Bible translations may have a different word from these.
This list is based on the King James Version. Compare verse-to-verse
with the tranlation you regularly use and use that word instead.
If you don't possess a KJV Bible and want to look up a listed word,
use The HTML Bible web site's KJV, then compare words.

Check references first in letters of Paul, John, Peter, etc.,
then go backwards to Gospels, Psalms, other references throughout the Bible.

© 2004 W. B. Moore

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How To Study A Word From the Bible

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