The Invasion That Changed History
(as recorded in Philippians)
(Taken from Dr. Moore's Christian Mentoring Notebook: “Building Disciples” – out of print)

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

It happened in the First Century when Jesus actually came to live in all who trusted Him as Saviour. It is still happening today!

Have you been invaded? You can answer, “Yes,” if you have RECEIVED Jesus as your own Lord and Saviour. He is literally living in you! (see 2 Corinthians 13:5; and Colossians 3:4). Christianity involves not so much where you go but who you know, the living Christ, and how well you know Him.

Many Christians live all their lives without the conscious personal reality of Christ's actual presence. Philippians was written about 30 years after Jesus' return to Heaven. When Christianity was fresh and young they “turned the world upside down” because they lived with Another's life inside. We can change our world if we are willing for the same Person to live out His life in us, today.

OPEN YOUR New Testament to Philippians. Prayerfully look up the verse, read the question, and write out YOUR answer from the Scripture in your OWN words. Take time to meditate on the verse before writing. Christ is four things to you now.

    CHAPTER 1 Christ is our Life:

  1. Who was the “boss” of Paul and Timothy? (Chapter 1, verse 1) Philippians 1:1

    The word translated “servant” is the word for “slave.” Do you believe that everyone saved has been called to be the servant of Jesus? YES     NO   (circle) Have you? YES     NO   (circle)

  2. Fill in the blank from 1:21 “For me to live

    Note: the writer did not say, for me to live is to act like Christ! If you have never thanked Christ for being your life, do it now in prayer.
  3. CHAPTER 2 Christ is in our Mind

  4. What are we to DO with the mind of Christ? verse 2:5

    Can we stop His mind from being in charge of our thoughts?

  5. List some thoughts which represent Christ's mind. verse 4:8

  6. How does a Christ-centered mind think and REACT to pressure? verses 2:3-4

  7. Thank Him now that Christ wants to give you His own thoughts.

    CHAPTER 3 Christ is our Goal

  8. We are to find (verse 3:4) our JOY in

    and have


  9. Paul could have held strong confidence in his work, his family, birth, personal morality and influence. What did he DO with these things? verse 3:7

    How are we to count the GOOD things as well as the BAD things of life? verse 3:8

    Paul traded the applause of the world FOR

    that he might ________________________________________ Christ. verse 3:8

    CHAPTER 4 Christ is our Strength

  10. What can we DO? verse 4:13 _______________________________________________________________________

    How can we do these things?

    Now, take this verse, say it aloud, repeating, and emphasizing the one word strongly each time you read it slowly choosing each subsequent word in sequence: For example: I can do all things . . . . I CAN do all things . . . , etc. Now write down ONE thing from your life, which you have failed to do, that you will now CLAIM His strength and LIFE to do FOR AND IN YOU as you yield to His control this week!

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© 2004 W. B. Moore

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