Growing Together as a Family

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore
(You may want to print, or download, this four-page lesson so that you can fill in the blanks. Also, each person may want their own copy of this lesson. Plus, Scripture references are intentionally left for you to look up in your own Bible.)


Look up each Scripture, think it through, then in your own words write the answer to the questions.

1. Ephesians 6:1, Young people are to

their parents.


a. What do you think to “honor” your parents means? Ephesians 6:2


b. What is God's promise to young people who trust Christ to lead their parents aright? Ephesians 6:3


c. Why should parents encourage you toward CHRIST and the church? Ephesians 6:4


2. Who is the standard for right living? Hebrews 12:2


3. What pleases the Lord? Colossians 3:20


4. Colossians 3:21, A father who is not spiritually balanced will cause his children to be



5. Why do young people rebel? Romans 3:23



6. To what is rebellion and stubbornness compared? 1 Samuel 15:23

What does God say is “good”? Lamentations 3:27


7. a. What is back of God's “chastening” (spanking) us when we do wrong? Hebrews 12:5, 6

    b. From this example why do our parents discipline us when we are disobedient?

    c. So when not disciplined by our parents, we can know they are not consistent in their


8. What is God's promise to the loving parent who corrects a young person? Proverbs 29:17

What is the value of a girl who has kept herself pure for the day of marriage? Proverbs 31:10


9. What is bound to a child's heart? Proverbs 22:15


10. Proverbs 29:15, A young person left completely to his own planning will



11. Proverbs 28:24, A kid that steals from his parents is a companion of


12. What are we to do when we are falsely accused or misunderstood by our parents?

1 Peter 5:7

1 Peter 2:23

1 Peter 3:17

Philippians 4:4-7


13. What are some ways a young person can gain the respect and love of an adult?

Proverbs 17:27, 28

Proverbs 15:28

Proverbs 14:29

Proverbs 15:20

Proverbs 12:1

Proverbs 9:8, 9


14. What would you say is your greatest need revealed through this study?



15. What will you do about it this week?


16. Was Lord Jesus ever a teen-ager? In what areas was our Lord Jesus tempted to sin, rebel, react, be selfish, etc. Hebrews 4:15, 16








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