Character Qualities For Bible Study
(This guide is taken from Dr. Moore's Christian Mentoring Notebook: “Building Disciples,”
which is out of print, and is designed to be printed on 8½ x 11-inch paper with a laser printer.
by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

This is to be used with Biographical Study Suggestions: How to Do Character Studies.

As you study one of the people God remembers from Scripture, examine their attitudes and actions through the focused lenses of positive and negative character qualities. God has recorded permanently those qualities and marks that He desires us to study, learn to model, or avoid. (See Romans 15:4)



        Accuracy Carelessness
        Alertness Unawareness
        Attentiveness Resentment
        Availability Dominance
        Boldness Fearfulness
        Cautiousness Impulsiveness
        Confidence Insecurity
        Contentment Covetousness
        Courage Cowardice
        Compassion Indifference
        Creativity Underachievement
        Decisiveness Double-mindedness
        Determination Faint-heartedness
        Dependability Inconsistency
        Discernment Judgment
        Discretion Simple-mindedness
        Diligence Slothfulness
        Endurance Giving up
        Enthusiasm Apathy
        Faith Presumption
        Fairness Partiality
        Flexibility Resistance
        Forgiveness Rejection
        Generosity Stinginess
        Gentleness Harshness
        Gratefulness Impulsiveness
        Hospitality Loneliness
        Initiative Unresponsiveness
        Joyfulness Frustration
        Loyalty Unfaithfulness
        Meekness Anger
        Neatness Disorganization
        Obedience Willfulness
        Patience Restlessness
        Persuasiveness Argumentation
        Politeness Rudeness
        Punctuality Tardiness
        Reverence Disrespect
        Resourcefulness Wastefulness
        Responsibility Irresponsibility
        Self-control Self-gratification
        Sensitivity Callousness
        Sincerity Hypocrisy
        Tolerance Prejudice
        Thoroughness Incompleteness
        Thriftiness extravagance
        Truthfulness Deception
        Virtue Defilement
© 2004 W. B. Moore

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