Biographical Study Guide
(This Biographical Study Guide is taken from Dr. Moore's Christian Mentoring Notebook: “Building Disciples,”
which is out of print, and is designed to be printed on 8½ x 11-inch paper with a laser printer.
by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

This Study Guide is to be used with Biographical Study Suggestions: How to Do Character Studies.

Look up all pertinent references in a concordance. Analyze and answer these questions about the person.

WHO?     WHAT?     WHEN?     WHERE?     WHY?     HOW?

1. List positive qualities and characteristics of person's life. Always list references with your analysis.

2. List any negative characteristics or sins of the person.

3. Meditate and analyze any actions and relationships of the person to the Lord.

4. Summarize in a few sentences what you consider the outstanding positive quality or negative characteristic of the person.

5. Although not all are in every person's life, is there an:

Example to follow? Yes   No (circle)

Reference: _________________________________


A sin to forsake? Yes   No (circle)

Reference: _________________________________


An attitude of heart that influenced the result? Yes   No (circle)

Reference: _________________________________


6. Personalizing A Principle
Pick one idea or truth from the person's life and specifically relate it to your own needs. Which verse(s) are you selecting?

State why you need this truth.

Illustrate a lack of application of this truth sometime recently in your life.

Write out what God is leading you to do to make this truth a living part of your life, beginning today.


Circle each day you seek to apply this truth for the next week.

List name of someone you are led to share this truth with this week.

OPTIONAL: Sermon or Devotional aids:

Outline the person's life.

© 2004 W. B. Moore

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