It Takes Two!

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

Mentoring has tremendous long-range production! No one can better attest to that than those who have experienced a “close-up” mentoring relationship. And the blessings of mentoring are never one-sided; they are TWO-sided! By loving and “lifting” a young pastor in the Tampa Bay area, during some difficult learning times, I was privileged to gain a wonderful gift from the Lord — a life-time friend named Danny Souder. In addition to that blessing of finding a kindred spirit, we watched together in amazement at God's miracles in Danny's life and church. I grew in my faith (and continue to grow), while watching how the Lord worked in and through his ministry.

Rev. Danny Souder has a continuing, strong pastoral ministry in Dallas, Texas. He is also the newly honored Chairman of the North American Mission Board, influencing 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries in multiple-language ministries across our 50 states and Canada. The following is Danny's testimony of what mentoring has meant to him.

Mentoring-marked Ministry

“I remember my beginning days as a green pastor in Florida. Dr. Roy Fish introduced me to you through your book New Testament Follow-Up. After struggling in a mission situation I didn't know how to handle, the Lord led me to call you. You were willing to meet with me weekly. What we started, as an hour a week for six months commitment in Bible Study and prayer, became two to three hour sessions of your mentoring me. You taught me “how to do ministry” from out of your own personal experiences as a pastor. You were a friend, a mentor, a discipler, an encourager, an exhorter, but most of all a prayer warrior in my behalf. Your wife, Clemmie, was a great encouragement to my wife, Karen, as well.

“I don't believe I would have made it if you had not been there to help me and mentor me. I not only survived my first pastorate, but the Lord blessed and the mission became a church. I am in my third pastorate and in my 15th year here. I have had the opportunity to pass on to my staff and our mission pastor so many things you taught and shared with me. My life has experienced the application of 2 Timothy 2:2. You marked my life mentoring me during the early, critical days of ministry. I love you and I thank the Lord for your life and ministry.”
— Danny Souder, Philippians 1:3-6

GOD'S STORY: New Method Tells the Old Gospel

The Bible is loaded with stories of personalities, families, and nations. Jesus taught profound truth using simple stories. Missionaries are having radical response in this generation by chronologically re-telling the stories of the Bible. In some closed fields they now see an 80 percent conversion rate rapidly — with evidence of changed lives!

The Jeremiah Group has produced a breakthrough resource in “storying.” They have put together an 80-minute video entitled: God's Story: From Creation to Eternity. Dorothy A. Miller was commissioned to write the text. She is a writer with 25 years experience in chronological Bible teaching. Dean Jones narrates the English version. You'll love scene after scene of this animated video, from Genesis to Revelation. Or, use one of their special Sony Video Disc portable players anywhere for evangelism!

Sound Track cassettes in 19 languages were handed out at the Billy Graham Conference, “Amsterdam 2000.” Our ministry has already bought Spanish, Mandarin, and German versions.

Check it out now! Follow the link for the full story of this video.

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