Workshop Mailbag

MENTORING Workshop 2002 Conferee Evaluations

“Thank you for showing me a heart after God's own heart. I never knew this would be such a wonderful blessing! I return to my church to start FIRST STEPS this Sunday morning in my pastor's class.”
~ J. Chancey, FL

“You affirmed what I'd been learning the past four years in Asia, then took me further and deeper with all the Bible study tools and applications.”
~ Teacher

“Thanks so very much for a wonderful conference. Every session was helpful and challenging. This is what I came for!”

“Thank you for the conference. I had a good time and now it is time to ‘suit up.’ It will take some time for me to have this fully implemented, but I anticipate giving you a positive report in the future. Your ministry is an answer to prayer.”
~ Pastor D. Patrick

“Thank you for the good emphasis on biblical principles as the basis for everything! I especially appreciated the inductive Bible study training as well as the practical applications. Keep on keeping on!”

“Wonderful encouragement and challenge through the Seminar. This material and challenge returns with me to Asia to encourage, challenge, and re-fresh two teams of missionairies. My hope is that the mentoring skills will be infused into nationals as the ‘norm’ of Christianity. Thank you and your team for making these days possible.”
~ Church Planter

“I have learned the importance for allowing God to multiply my ministry by investing my life in the lives of others through mentoring.”
~ IMB J. Eager

“The variety of sessions and speakers was excellent. I especially appreciated the Bible study methods and emphasis.”
~ IMB Asia

“Just excellent!”

“The biggest help has been the encouragement to mentor my own family (Hearing the Dad and his son)... four children, with four spouses, and 10 grandchildren. Due to being with them only a limited time in USA every year, I have felt the need more to ‘back off,’ observe, listen, and learn about them, etc. This conference has challenged me to do more deliberate mentoring, especially with daughters and daughters-in-law as the opportunity comes.”
~ IMB Central America

“You remain one of my heroes and a mentor from a distance. I wlll be praying that you come back to Japan next year for CPI and to meet with our house church teams. I'll do some ground work and be back in touch via email. With respect and admiration.”
~ Victor Morrison, IMB Japan

“The Workshop impacted me to plow deeper into mentoring. It was especially thrilling, hearing multiple Scripture coming at me with their root meanings, from so many practical viewpoints for application, by Dr. Steeger. That 1 Thessalonians 2:8, with the ‘bookends of love’ is a life-warping verse! The treasure of the Word of God was emphasized for NOW so many times by the key speakers. I thought about my Bible and felt gut-level a new hurt, convicted that I had been in the Bible a long time, but hadn't had my hunting eyes open.”
~ Pastor

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