Bible Study Worksheet

Prepare your heart for this study by reading Psalm 51.

Have you ever felt you'd confessed a sin so many times, God was tired of it and wouldn't hear you if you confessed again? ______________________

1. One of the short-circuits to a life of joy, power, and victory, is the neglect of, or wrong confession of sin. See 1 John 1:9. The word “confess,” is interpreted “to agree with God,” i.e. to name the sin. If we name the sin, with a repentant heart, when does God forgive? __________________________

A lady asked her pastor, “Do we confess them when we do them, or do we bunch 'em?” What do you think? ________________________________________________________________________________

Psalm 19:12-14 reveals two kinds of sins: “errors” or “secret faults” – which we commit toward others we are unaware of, and “presumptuous sins” which we know we commit and don't care. Unless someone tells us of our “errors” we can't ever confess and get it right with a person. God holds them, not us accountable. Jesus commands, “If you have anything against your brother, go to your brother. . . ." It's always OUR MOVE. Repent! (a change of attitude that results in a change of life). God may put on your heart to make restitution for the sin you have done.

2. When we name our sins to God, or at the instant we receive Christ, WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR SIN? See Isaiah 53:6 ________________________________________________________________________________

And Ephesians 1:7 _______________________________________________________________________________
Psalm 103:12, 14 _______________________________________________________________________________
Isaiah 38:17 _______________________________________________________________________________
Jeremiah 31:34 _______________________________________________________________________________
Micah 7:19 _______________________________________________________________________________

3. When You DO CONFESS SIN SCRIPTURALLY, there is no past in your future and no future in your past, but we can have emotions “hangover.”

4. WHAT IS INVOLVED IN A CONFESSION GOD ACCEPTS? Luke 6:12 _______________________________________________________________________________
Why should we confess? _______________________________________________________________________________
Do we need to feel forgiven to be forgiven? _______________________________________________________________________________
Do we have to feel a certain way, for God to accept our forgiveness for other's sins against us? _______________________________________________________________________________
Read Psalm 51, AGAIN. If we follow the basics of forgiveness in this chapter of Psalms, how should we confess? _______________________________________________________________________________

5. Look at Jesus' multiple warnings. Why is our forgiving all others critical? Matthew 6:14, 15; Mark 11:25, 26; Luke 11:4; _______________________________________________________________________________
Matthew 18:21-22 _______________________________________________________________________________
Matthew 18:23-25 _______________________________________________________________________________
How, and when should we forgive others? 2 Correnthians 2:5-10; Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:13: ________________________________________________________________________________

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